Package listing

This is a listing of all packages available via the Homebrew package manager for macOS.

ag-emacs 0.47 Emacs front-end to ag (the silver searcher)
agda 2.5.3_3 Dependently typed functional programming language
agedu 20180329 Unix utility for tracking down wasted disk space
aggregate 1.6 Optimizes lists of prefixes to reduce list lengths
aggressive-indent 1.8.3 Emacs minor mode to keep code always indented
aha ANSI HTML adapter
ahcpd 0.53 Autoconfiguration protocol for IPv6 and IPv6/IPv4 networks
ahungry-emacs 1.8.0 Bright and bold color theme for Emacs
aiccu 20070115 Automatic IPv6 Connectivity Client Utility
aide 0.16 File and directory integrity checker
aircrack-ng 1.1_2 Next-generation aircrack with lots of new features
airspy 1.0.9 The usemode driver and associated tools for airspy
ajp-nginx-module 0.3.0 Support AJP protocol proxy with Nginx
akamai 1.0.1 CLI toolkit for working with Akamai's APIs
akka 2.4.17 Toolkit for building concurrent, distributed, and fault tolerant apps
alac 0.2.0 Basic decoder for Apple Lossless Audio Codec files (ALAC)
aldo 0.7.7 Morse code learning tool released under GPL
alembic 1.7.5 Open computer graphics interchange framework
alexjs 5.1.0 Catch insensitive, inconsiderate writing
algernon 1.8 Pure Go web server with Lua, Markdown, HTTP/2 and template support
alglib 3.12.0 Cross-platform numerical analysis library
algol68g 2.8.4 Algol 68 compiler-interpreter
alien-hunter 1.7 Identification of Horizontally Acquired DNA
align 1.7.5 Text column alignment filter
all-emacs 1.0 Emacs package to edit all lines matching a given regexp
allegro C/C++ multimedia library for cross-platform game development
allpaths-lg 52488 Short read genome assembler
allure 2.6.0 Flexible lightweight test report tool
alluxio 1.7.0 Open Source Memory Speed Virtual Distributed Storage
alot 0.7_1 Text mode MUA using notmuch mail