Package listing

This is a listing of all packages available via the Homebrew package manager for macOS.

bash-completion 1.3_3 Programmable completion for Bash 3.2
bash-completion@2 2.7 Programmable completion for Bash 4.1+
bash-git-prompt 2.7.1 Informative, fancy bash prompt for Git users
bash-preexec 0.3.7 preexec and precmd functions for Bash (just like Zsh)
bash-snippets 1.22.0 Collection of small bash scripts for heavy terminal users
bashdb 4.4-0.94 Bash shell debugger
bashish 2.2.4 Theme environment for text terminals
bastet 0.43.2 Bastard Tetris
batik 1.9 Java-based toolkit for SVG images
bats 0.4.0 TAP-compliant test framework for Bash scripts
bayestraits 3.0_1 trait evolution on phylogenies
bazaar 2.7.0_1 Friendly powerful distributed version control system
bazel 0.12.0 Google's own build tool
bbcolors 1.0.1 Save and load color schemes for BBEdit and TextWrangler
bbe 0.2.2 Sed-like editor for binary files
bbftp-client 3.2.1_1 Secure file transfer software, optimized for large files
bbtools 37.77 suite of Brian Bushnell's tools for manipulating reads
bc 1.07.1 Arbitrary precision numeric processing language
bcal 1.8 Storage conversion and expression calculator
bcalm 2.2.0 de Bruijn graph compaction in low memory
bcftools 1.8 Tools for BCF/VCF files and variant calling from samtools
bchunk 1.2.2 Convert CD images from .bin/.cue to .iso/.cdr
bcpp 20180401 C(++) beautifier
bcrypt 1.1 Cross platform file encryption utility using blowfish
bde Basic Development Environment: foundational C++ libraries used at Bloomberg
bdsup2sub 5.1.2 Convert and tweak bitmap based subtitle streams
bdw-gc 7.6.6 Garbage collector for C and C++
beacon-mode 1.3.3 Highlight the cursor when an Emacs window scrolls
beagle 2.1.2 Evaluate the likelihood of sequence evolution on trees
beansdb Yet another distributed key-value storage system