Package listing

This is a listing of all packages available via the Homebrew package manager for macOS.

convmv 2.05 Filename encoding conversion tool
convox 20180416200237 Command-line interface for the Rack PaaS on AWS
cookiecutter 1.6.0 Utility that creates projects from templates
coq 8.7.2 Proof assistant for higher-order logic
corebird 1.7.4_2 Native Gtk+ Twitter Client
corectl 0.7.18_1 CoreOS over macOS made very simple
coreos-ct 0.8.0 Convert a Container Linux Config into Ignition
coreutils 8.29 GNU File, Shell, and Text utilities
corkscrew 2.0 Tunnel SSH through HTTP proxies
corset 1.05 Clusters de novo assembled transcripts and counts overlapping reads
corsixth 0.61 Open source clone of Theme Hospital
cosi 0.8.5 Implementation of scalable collective signing
coturn Free open source implementation of TURN and STUN Server
couchdb 1.7.1_5 Document database server
couchdb-lucene 2.1.0 Full-text search of CouchDB documents using Lucene
couchpotatoserver 3.0.1 Download movies automatically
counter-zone-nginx-module 36 Gives realtime counters using NGINX config
cowsay 3.04 Configurable talking characters in ASCII art
cp2k 5.1_1 Quantum chemistry and solid state physics software package
cpanminus 1.7043 Get, unpack, build, and install modules from CPAN
cpansearch 0.2 CPAN module search written in C
cpmtools 2.20 Tools to access CP/M file systems
cppad 20180000.0 Differentiation of C++ Algorithms
cppcheck 1.83 Static analysis of C and C++ code
cppcms 1.2.0 Free High Performance Web Development Framework
cppi 1.18 Indent C preprocessor directives to reflect their nesting
cppp 2.6 Partial Preprocessor for C
cpprestsdk 2.10.2 C++ libraries for cloud-based client-server communication
cpptest 1.1.2 Unit testing framework handling automated tests in C++
cppunit 1.14.0 Unit testing framework for C++