Package listing

This is a listing of all packages available via the Homebrew package manager for macOS.

cproto 4.7m Generate function prototypes for functions in input files
cpulimit 0.2 CPU usage limiter
cputhrottle 1.0.0 Limit the CPU usage of a process
cracklib 2.9.6 LibCrack password checking library
crash 1.3.2 Kernel debugging shell for Java that allows gdb-like syntax
crc32c 1.0.5 CRC32C implementation with support for CPU-specific acceleration instructions
credstash 1.14.0 Little utility for managing credentials in the cloud
creduce 2.7.0_2 Reduce a C/C++ program while keeping a property of interest
crf++ 0.58 Conditional random fields for segmenting/labeling sequential data
crfsuite 0.12
crisp 1.3.4 Emacs emulator for CRiSP/Brief
crlibm 1.0beta4
crm114 20100106 Examine, sort, filter or alter logs or data streams
cromwell 30.1 Workflow Execution Engine using Workflow Description Language
cronolog 1.6.2 Web log rotation
crosstool-ng 1.23.0_1 Tool for building toolchains
crowdin 2.0.21 Command-line tool that allows to manage your resources with
crunch 3.6 Wordlist generator
crush-tools 20150716 Command-line tools for processing delimited text data
cryfs 0.9.8 Encrypts your files so you can safely store them in Dropbox, iCloud, etc.
cryptol 2.5.0 Domain-specific language for specifying cryptographic algorithms
cryptopp 5.6.5 Free C++ class library of cryptographic schemes
cryptoverif 1.22 Cryptographic protocol verifier (computational)
crystal-icr 0.5.0 Interactive console for Crystal programming language
crystal-lang 0.24.1_1 Fast and statically typed, compiled language with Ruby-like syntax
cscope 15.8b Tool for browsing source code
csfml 2.4 SMFL bindings for C
csharp-mode 0.9.0 Major mode for editing C# code
csmith 2.3.0 Generates random C programs conforming to the C99 standard
cspice 66 Observation geometry system for robotic space science missions