Package listing

This is a listing of all packages available via the Homebrew package manager for macOS.

cctools 855 Binary and cross-compilation tools for Apple
cctools-headers 855 cctools headers via Apple
ccze 0.2.1_1 Robust and modular log colorizer
cd-discid 1.4_2 Read CD and get CDDB discid information
cd-hit 4.6.8 Cluster and compare protein or nucleotide sequences
cdargs 1.35 Bookmarks for the shell
cdb 0.75 Create and read constant databases
cddlib 094h Double description method for general polyhedral cones
cdecl 2.5 Turn English phrases to C or C++ declarations
cdiff 1.0 View colored diff with side by side and auto pager support
cdk 5.0.20180306 Curses development kit provides predefined curses widget for apps
cdlabelgen 4.3.0 CD/DVD inserts and envelopes
cdo 1.9.2 Operators to manipulate and analyse climate and NWP model data
cdogs-sdl 0.6.2 Classic overhead run-and-gun game
cdparanoia 10.2 Audio extraction tool for sampling CDs
cdpr 2.4 Cisco Discovery Protocol Reporter
cdrdao 1.2.3 Record CDs in Disk-At-Once mode
cdrtools 3.01_1 CD/DVD/Blu-ray premastering and recording software
cdsclient 3.84 Tools for querying CDS databases
cegma 2.5 Core eukaryotic genes mapping approach
celera-assembler 8.3rc1
center-im 4.22.10_1 Text-mode multi-protocol instant messaging client
centrifuge 1.0.3-beta Rapid sensitive classification of metagenomic sequences
cereal 1.2.2 C++11 library for serialization
ceres-solver 1.13.0_5 C++ library for large-scale optimization
cern-ndiff 5.02.11 Numerical diff tool
certbot 0.22.2 Tool to obtain certs from Let's Encrypt and autoenable HTTPS
certigo 1.10.0 Utility to examine and validate certificates in a variety of formats
certstrap 1.1.1 Tools to bootstrap CAs, certificate requests, and signed certificates
cerulean 0.1 Extend contigs assembled using short reads using long reads