Package listing

This is a listing of all packages available via the Homebrew package manager for macOS.

cmark-gfm 0.28.3.gfm.12 C implementation of GitHub Flavored Markdown
cmatrix 1.2a Console Matrix
cmdstan 2.17.1 Probabilistic programming for Bayesian inference
cmigemo 20110227 Migemo is a tool that supports Japanese incremental search with Romaji
cminpack 1.3.6 Solves nonlinear equations and nonlinear least squares problems
cmocka 1.1.1 Unit testing framework for C
cmockery 0.1.2 Unit testing and mocking library for C
cmockery2 1.3.9 Reviving cmockery unit test framework from Google
cmor 3.3.0 Climate Model Output Rewriter for producing CF-compliant netCDF files
cmu-pocketsphinx 0.8 Lightweight speech recognition engine for mobile devices
cmu-sphinxbase 0.8 Lightweight speech recognition engine for mobile devices
cmuclmtk 0.7 Language model tools (from CMU Sphinx)
cmus 2.7.1_2 Music player with an ncurses based interface
cnats 1.7.6 C client for the NATS messaging system
cntlm 0.92.3 NTLM authentication proxy with tunneling
coccinelle 1.0.6_1 Program matching and transformation engine for C code
cockatrice 2.5.1 Cross-platform virtual tabletop for multiplayer card games
cockroach 2.0.0 Distributed SQL database
cocoapods 1.5.0 Dependency manager for Cocoa projects
cocot 1.2-20171118 Code converter on tty
coda-cli 1.0.5 Shell integration for Panic's Coda
codec2 0.7 Open source speech codec
codemod 1.0.0 Large-scale codebase refactors assistant tool
codequery 0.21.0 Code-understanding, code-browsing or code-search tool
coffee-mode 0.6.3 Emacs major mode for CoffeeScript
coffeescript 2.2.4 Unfancy JavaScript
cogl 1.22.2_1 Low level OpenGL abstraction library developed for Clutter
coinmp 1.7.3_2 C-API library for the CLP, CBC and CGL projects
collada-dom 2.4.0 C++ library for loading and saving COLLADA data
collectd 5.8.0_1 Statistics collection and monitoring daemon