Package listing

This is a listing of all packages available via the Homebrew package manager for macOS.

flash 1.2.11 Merge mates from overlapping fragments
flashrom 0.9.9 Identify, read, write, verify, and erase flash chips
flasm 1.62 Flash command-line assembler and disassembler
flatbuffers 1.8.0 Serialization library for C++, supporting Java, C#, and Go
flatcc 0.5.1 FlatBuffers Compiler and Library in C for C
flawfinder 2.0.4 Examines code and reports possible security weaknesses
fleetctl 1.0.0 Distributed init system
flex 2.6.4 Fast Lexical Analyzer, generates Scanners (tokenizers)
flexbar 3.0.3 Flexible barcode and adapter removal
flickcurl 1.26 Library for the Flickr API
flif 0.3 Free Loseless Image Format
flint 2.5.2_1 C library for number theory
flint-checker 0.1.0 Check your project for common sources of contributor friction
flow 0.67.1 Static type checker for JavaScript
flow-tools Collect, send, process, and generate NetFlow data reports
flowgrind 0.8.0 TCP measurement tool, similar to iperf or netperf
fltk 1.3.4-2 Cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit
fluent-bit 0.12.15 Data Collector for IoT
fluid-synth 1.1.10 Real-time software synthesizer based on the SoundFont 2 specs
flume 1.6.0 Hadoop-based distributed log collection and aggregation
flux-simulator 1.2.1
flvmeta 1.2.1 Manipulate Adobe flash video files (FLV)
flvstreamer 2.1c1 Stream audio and video from flash & RTMP Servers
flycheck 31 On-the-fly syntax checking extension
flylisp 0.2 Emacs minor mode for coloring incorrect parentheses
flyway 5.0.7 Database version control to control migrations
fmdiff 20150915 Use FileMerge as a diff command for Subversion and Mercurial
fmpp 0.9.15 Text file preprocessing tool using FreeMarker templates
fmsx 4.6 MSX emulator
fmt 4.1.0 Open-source formatting library for C++