Package listing

This is a listing of all packages available via the Homebrew package manager for macOS.

gst-plugins-ugly 1.14.0_1 Library for constructing graphs of media-handling components
gst-python 1.14.0_2 Python overrides for gobject-introspection-based pygst bindings
gst-rtsp-server 1.14.0_1 RTSP server library based on GStreamer
gst-validate 1.14.0_1 Tools to validate GstElements from GStreamer
gstreamer 1.14.0_1 Development framework for multimedia applications
gstreamermm 1.10.0_1 GStreamer C++ bindings
gti 1.6.1 ASCII-art displaying typo-corrector for commands
gtk+ 2.24.32_2 GUI toolkit
gtk+3 3.22.30 Toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces
gtk-chtheme 0.3.1_2 GTK+ 2.0 theme changer GUI
gtk-doc 1.28 GTK+ documentation tool
gtk-engines 2.20.2_2 Themes for GTK+
gtk-gnutella 1.1.13_1 Share files in a peer-to-peer (P2P) network
gtk-mac-integration 2.0.8_2 Integrates GTK macOS applications with the Mac desktop
gtk-murrine-engine 0.98.2_2 Murrine GTK+ engine
gtk-vnc 0.7.2 VNC viewer widget for GTK
gtkdatabox Widget for live display of large amounts of changing data
gtkextra 3.3.4_1 Widgets for creating GUIs for GTK+
gtkglext 1.2.0_2 OpenGL extension to GTK+
gtkmm 2.24.5_1 C++ interfaces for GTK+ and GNOME
gtkmm3 3.22.2_1 C++ interfaces for GTK+ and GNOME
gtksourceview 2.10.5_3 Text view with syntax, undo/redo, and text marks
gtksourceview3 3.24.7_2 Text view with syntax, undo/redo, and text marks
gtksourceview@4 4.0.0_1 Text view with syntax, undo/redo, and text marks
gtksourceviewmm 2.10.3_4 C++ bindings for gtksourceview
gtksourceviewmm3 3.18.0_1 C++ bindings for gtksourceview3
gtkspell3 3.0.9_3 Gtk widget for highlighting and replacing misspelled words
gtmess 0.97_1 Console MSN messenger client
gts 0.7.6 GNU triangulated surface library
gtsam 3.2.1_3 Library of C++ classes that implement SAM in robotics and vision