Package listing

This is a listing of all packages available via the Homebrew package manager for macOS.

gedit 3.22.1_2 The GNOME text editor
geeqie 1.3_3 Lightweight Gtk+ based image viewer
gegl 0.3.26 Graph based image processing framework
gem-completion 2 Bash completion for gem
genders 1.22 Static cluster configuration database for cluster management
geneid 1.4.4 Predict genes in anonymous genomic sequences
generate-json-schema 2.6.0 Generate a JSON Schema from Sample JSON
genet 1.2
genewise 2.4.1_1 Aligns proteins or protein HMMs to DNA
genext2fs 1.4.1 Generates an ext2 filesystem as a normal (non-root) user
gengetopt 2.22.6 Generate C code to parse command-line arguments via getopt_long
genometools 1.5.10 GenomeTools: The versatile open source genome analysis software
genstats 1.2 Generate statistics about stdin or textfiles
geocode-glib 3.24.0 GNOME library for gecoding and reverse geocoding
geographiclib 1.49 C++ geography library
geoip 1.6.12 This library is for the GeoIP Legacy format (dat)
geoip2-nginx-module 2.0 Nginx GeoIP2 module
geoipupdate 2.5.0 Automatic updates of GeoIP2 and GeoIP Legacy databases
geomview 1.9.5_1 Interactive 3D viewing program
geomview 1.9.5
geos 3.6.2 Geometry Engine
geoserver 2.12.1 Java server to share and edit geospatial data
gerbv 2.6.0_1 Gerber (RS-274X) viewer
gerrit-tools 1.0.0 Tools to ease Gerrit code review
get-flash-videos 1.25.97 Download or play videos from various Flash-based websites
get_iplayer 3.12 Utility for downloading TV and radio programmes from BBC iPlayer
getdns 1.3.0 Modern asynchronous DNS API
getdp 2.11.1_3 Open source finite element solver using mixed elements.
geth 1.7.3 Official Go implementation of the Ethereum protocol
getmail 5.5 Extensible mail retrieval system with POP3, IMAP4, SSL support