Package listing

This is a listing of all packages available via the Homebrew package manager for macOS.

git-octopus 1.4 The continuous merge workflow
git-open 1.1 Open GitHub webpages from a terminal
git-plus 0.3.1 Git utilities: git multi, git relation, git old-branches, git recent
git-quick-stats 1.0.9 Simple and efficient way to access statistics in git
git-recent 1.0.3 See your latest local git branches, formatted real fancy
git-remote-hg 0.3 Transparent bidirectional bridge between Git and Mercurial
git-review 1.26.0 Submit git branches to gerrit for review
git-secret 0.2.3 Bash-tool to store the private data inside a git repo
git-secrets 1.2.1 Prevents you from committing sensitive information to a git repo
git-series 0.9.1 Track changes to a patch series over time
git-sh 1.3 Customized Bash environment for git work
git-ssh 0.2.0 Proxy for serving git repositories over SSH
git-standup 2.1.8 Git extension to generate reports for standup meetings
git-subrepo 0.3.1_1 Git Submodule Alternative
git-svn-abandon 0.0.1 History-preserving svn-to-git migration
git-test 1.0.4 Run tests on each distinct tree in a revision list
git-tf Share changes between TFS and git
git-town 6.0.0 High-level command-line interface for Git
git-tracker 2.0.0 Integrate Pivotal Tracker into your Git workflow
git-url-sub 1.0.1 Recursively substitute remote URLs for multiple repos
git-utils 1.0 Various Git helper utilities
git-vendor 1.1.2 Command for managing git vendored dependencies
git-when-merged 1.2.0 Find where a commit was merged in git
gitbucket 4.20.0 Git platform powered by Scala offering
giter8 0.10.0 Generate files and directories from templates in a git repo
gitfs Version controlled file system
gitfs Version controlled file system
gitg 3.26.0_2 GNOME GUI client to view git repositories
github-keygen 1.303 Bootstrap GitHub SSH configuration
github-markdown-toc 0.8.0 Easy TOC creation for GitHub (in go)