Package listing

This is a listing of all packages available via the Homebrew package manager for macOS.

hotspot 4.1.0_2 Identify regions of local enrichment of short-read sequence tags
howdoi 1.1.12 Instant coding answers via the command-line
hping 3.20051105 Command-line oriented TCP/IP packet assembler/analyzer
hqx 1.1_2 Magnification filter designed for pixel art
hr 1.2 <hr />, for your terminal window
hspell 1.4 Free Hebrew linguistic project
hss 1.6 Interactive parallel SSH client
ht 2.1.0 Viewer/editor/analyzer for executables
html-xml-utils 7.6 Tools for manipulating HTML and XML files
html2text 1.3.2a Advanced HTML-to-text converter
htmlcleaner 2.21 HTML parser written in Java
htmlcompressor 1.5.3 Minify HTML or XML
htmlcxx 0.86 Non-validating CSS1 and HTML parser for C++
htmldoc 1.9.3 Convert HTML to PDF or PostScript
htmlize 1.51 Emacs package for converting text to HTML
htop 2.2.0 Improved top (interactive process viewer)
htpdate 0.9.1 Synchronize time with remote web servers
htsbox r312 Experimental tools on top of htslib
htslib 1.8 C library for high-throughput sequencing data formats
httest 2.4.23_1 Provides a large variety of HTTP-related test functionality
http-accounting-nginx-module 0.5 Add traffic stat function to nginx
http-flood-detector-nginx-module 0.1 Detect flood
http-parser 2.8.1 HTTP request/response parser for c
http-remote-passwd-nginx-module 70 Basic Auth available as variable $remote_passwd
http-server 0.11.1 Simple zero-configuration command-line HTTP server
http_load 20160309_1 Test throughput of a web server by running parallel fetches
httpd 2.4.33 Apache HTTP server
httpdiff 1.0.0 Compare two HTTP(S) responses
httperf 0.9.0_1 Tool for measuring webserver performance
httpflow 0.0.7 Packet capture and analysis utility similar to tcpdump for HTTP