Package listing

This is a listing of all packages available via the Homebrew package manager for macOS.

link-grammar 5.4.4 Carnegie Mellon University's link grammar parser
linkerd 1.3.6 Drop-in RPC proxy designed for microservices
linklint 2.3.5 Link checker and web site maintenance tool
links 2.14_1 Lynx-like WWW browser that supports tables, menus, etc.
links-scaffolder 1.8.4 Long Interval Nucleotide K-mer Scaffolder
liquibase 3.5.5 Library for database change tracking
liquid-dsp 1.3.1 Digital signal processing library for software-defined radios
liquidprompt 1.11 Adaptive prompt for bash and zsh shells
liquigraph 3.0.2 Migration runner for Neo4j
lis 2.0.6 Library of Iterative Solvers for Linear Systems
list-unicode-display 0.1 Search for and list unicode characters in Emacs
litmus-cli 0.3.2 Command-line interface for Litmus email testing service
little-cms 1.19_1 Version 1 of the Little CMS library
little-cms2 2.9 Color management engine supporting ICC profiles
littler 0.2.3_14 Scripting and command-line front-end for GNU R
livestreamer 1.12.2 Pipes video from streaming services into a player such as VLC
lldpd 0.9.9 Implementation of IEEE 802.1ab (LLDP)
llnode 1.6.3 LLDB plugin for live/post-mortem debugging of node.js apps
llvm 6.0.0 Next-gen compiler infrastructure
llvm@3.7 3.7.1 Next-gen compiler infrastructure
llvm@3.9 3.9.1_1 Next-gen compiler infrastructure
llvm@4 4.0.1 Next-gen compiler infrastructure
llvm@5 5.0.1 Next-gen compiler infrastructure
lm4tools 0.1.3 Tools for TI Stellaris Launchpad boards
lmc-emacs 1.4 Emacs lisp simulator for the Little Man Computer
lmdb 0.9.21 Lightning memory-mapped database: key-value data store
lmfit 6.4 Levenberg-Marquardt least-squares minimization and curve fitting.
lmod 7.7.22 Lua-based environment modules system to modify PATH variable
lmod 7.6.11 Lua-based environment modules system to modify PATH variable
lnav 0.8.3 Curses-based tool for viewing and analyzing log files