Package listing

This is a listing of all packages available via the Homebrew package manager for macOS.

lrzip 0.631 Compression program with a very high compression ratio
lrzsz 0.12.20 Tools for zmodem/xmodem/ymodem file transfer
lsdvd 0.17 Read the content info of a DVD
lsh 2.1_1 GNU implementation of the Secure Shell (SSH) protocols
lsof 4.89 Utility to list open files
lsyncd 2.2.2_1 Synchronize local directories with remote targets
ltc-tools 0.6.4_1 Tools to deal with linear-timecode (LTC)
ltl2ba 1.2b1 Translate LTL formulae to Buchi automata
lua 5.3.4_3 Powerful, lightweight programming language
lua-nginx-module 0.10.10 Embed the power of Lua into Nginx
lua@5.1 5.1.5_7 Powerful, lightweight programming language (v5.1.5)
luabind 0.9.1_2 Library for bindings between C++ and Lua
luajit 2.0.5 Just-In-Time Compiler (JIT) for the Lua programming language
luaradio 0.5.0 Lightweight, embeddable flow graph signal processing framework for SDR
luaver 1.1.0 Manage and switch between versions of Lua, LuaJIT, and Luarocks
luciddb 0.9.4 DBMS optimized for business intelligence
lumo 1.8.0 Fast, cross-platform, standalone ClojureScript environment
lumpy-sv 0.2.13 General probabilistic framework for structural variant discovery
lutok 0.4_1 Lightweight C++ API for Lua
luvit 2.14.2 Asynchronous I/O for Lua
lv 4.51 Powerful multi-lingual file viewer/grep
lv2 1.14.0 Portable plugin standard for audio systems
lwtools 4.15 Cross-development tools for Motorola 6809 and Hitachi 6309
lxc 3.0.0 CLI client for interacting with LXD
lxsplit 0.2.4 Tool for splitting or joining files
lynis 2.6.3 Security and system auditing tool to harden systems
lynx 2.8.8rel.2_1 Text-based web browser
lysp 1.1_4 Small Lisp interpreter
lz4 Extremely Fast Compression algorithm
lzfse 1.0 Apple LZFSE compression library and command-line tool