Package listing

This is a listing of all packages available via the Homebrew package manager for macOS.

minitest-emacs 0.8.0 Minor mode for interacting with minitest within Emacs
miniupnpc 2.0.20171212 UPnP IGD client library and daemon
minizinc 2.1.7 Medium-level constraint modeling language
minizip 1.2.11 C library for zip/unzip via zLib
minuit2 5.34.14 Physics analysis tool for function minimization
mir-prefer 0.24_1 MicroRNA prediction from small RNA-seq data
mira 4.0.2_1 Sequence assembler and sequence mapping for sequencing data
miruo 0.9.6b Pretty-print TCP session monitor/analyzer
mit-scheme 9.2_1 MIT/GNU Scheme development tools and runtime library
mitie 0.5 Library and tools for information extraction
mitmproxy 2.0.2_2 Intercept, modify, replay, save HTTP/S traffic
mitofy 20120322
mix-completion 0.8.2 Elixir Mix completion plus shortcuts/colors
mjpegtools 2.1.0_2 Record and playback videos and perform simple edits
mkclean 0.8.10 Optimizes Matroska and WebM files
mkcue 1 Generate a CUE sheet from a CD
mkdocs 0.17.2 Project documentation with Markdown
mkhexgrid 0.1.1 Fully-configurable hex grid generator
mksh 56c MirBSD Korn Shell
mktorrent 1.1 Create BitTorrent metainfo files
mkvalidator 0.5.2 Tool to verify Matroska and WebM files for spec conformance
mkvdts2ac3 1.6.0_3 Convert DTS audio to AC3 within a matroska file
mkvtomp4 1.3_1 Convert mkv files to mp4
mkvtoolnix 20.0.0 Matroska media files manipulation tools
mldonkey 3.1.6_2 OCaml/GTK client for the eDonkey P2P network
mlkit 4.3.9 Compiler for the Standard ML programming language
mlogger 1.2.0 Log to syslog from the command-line
mlpack 2.2.5 Scalable C++ machine learning library
mlst 2.8 Multi-Locus Sequence Typing of microbial contigs
mlt 6.6.0 Author, manage, and run multitrack audio/video compositions