Package listing

This is a listing of all packages available via the Homebrew package manager for macOS.

ngircd 24 Next generation IRC daemon
nglib 5.3.1_1 C++ Library of NETGEN's tetrahedral mesh generator
ngrep 1.47 Network grep
ngspice 27 Spice circuit simulator
ngx-devel-kit 0.3.0 Nginx Development Kit
nhexl-mode 0.2 Emacs minor mode for editing hex dumps
nickle 2.81 Desk calculator language
nicotine-plus 1.4.1_2 Graphical client for the SoulSeek peer-to-peer system
nicovideo-dl 0.0.20120212 Command-line program to download videos from
nifi 1.6.0 Easy to use, powerful, and reliable system to process and distribute data
niftilib 2.0.0
nikto 2.1.6 Web server scanner
nim 0.18.0_1 Statically typed, imperative programming language
ninja 1.8.2 Small build system for use with gyp or CMake
ninvaders 0.1.1 Space Invaders in the terminal
nip2 8.4.0 GUI for the VIPS image processing system
nix-mode 1.2.1 Major mode for editing Nix files
nixio 1.4.1_2 C++ library for the NIX scientific data format and model
nkf 2.1.4 Network Kanji code conversion Filter (NKF)
nlinum 1.7 Emacs mode for displaying line numbers in the margin
nload 0.7.4 Realtime console network usage monitor
nlojet++ 4.1.3 LO and NLO cross sections
nlopt 2.4.2_2 Free/open-source library for nonlinear optimization
nmap 7.70 Port scanning utility for large networks
nmh 1.7 The new version of the MH mail handler
nnn 1.7 Free, fast, friendly file browser
no-more-secrets 0.3.3 Recreates the SETEC ASTRONOMY effect from 'Sneakers'
node 9.11.1 Platform built on V8 to build network applications
node-build 3.0.8 Install NodeJS versions
node@4 4.9.1 Platform built on V8 to build network applications