Package listing

This is a listing of all packages available via the Homebrew package manager for macOS.

openjpeg 2.3.0 Library for JPEG-2000 image manipulation
openldap 2.4.45 Open source suite of directory software
openloops 1.3.1 Fully automated implementation of the Open Loops algorithm
openmeeg 2.4-rc Package for low-frequency bio-electromagnetism forward models
openmotif 2.3.8 LGPL release of the Motif toolkit
openmotif 2.3.6 LGPL release of the Motif toolkit
openmsx 0.14.0 MSX emulator
openni2 2.2.0-debian Open source natural interaction library, version 2
openrct2 0.1.1_1 Open source re-implementation of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2
openresty Scalable Web Platform by Extending NGINX with Lua
openresty-debug Scalable Web Platform by Extending NGINX with Lua
openresty-openssl 1.0.2k_1 This OpenSSL library build is specifically for OpenResty uses
openrtsp 2018.02.28 Command-line RTSP client
opensaml 2.6.1 Library for Security Assertion Markup Language
opensc 0.17.0 Tools and libraries for smart cards
openshift-cli 3.7.1 OpenShift command-line interface tools
openslide 3.4.1_4 C library to read whole-slide images (a.k.a. virtual slides)
openslp 2.0.0 Implementation of Service Location Protocol
openssh 7.6p1 OpenBSD freely-licensed SSH connectivity tools
openssl 1.0.2n SSL/TLS cryptography library
openssl@1.1 1.1.0g_1 Cryptography and SSL/TLS Toolkit
opensyobon 1.0rc2_1 Parody of Super Mario Bros
opentsdb 2.3.0 Scalable, distributed Time Series Database
openttd 1.7.2 Simulation game based upon Transport Tycoon Deluxe
openvdb 5.0.0 Sparse volume processing toolkit
openvpn 2.4.5 SSL/TLS VPN implementing OSI layer 2 or 3 secure network extension
ophcrack 3.8.0 Microsoft Windows password cracker using rainbow tables
optipng 0.7.6_1 PNG file optimizer
opus 1.2.1 Audio codec