Package listing

This is a listing of all packages available via the Homebrew package manager for macOS.

ppsspp 1.5.4 PlayStation Portable emulator
pqiv 2.10.2 Powerful image viewer with minimal UI
prank 170427 A multiple alignment program for DNA, codon and amino-acid sequences
pre-commit 1.5.0 Framework for managing multi-language pre-commit hooks
precomp 0.4.6 Command-line precompressor to achieve better compression
predictionio 0.9.6 Source machine learning server
prefixsuffix 0.6.9 GUI batch renaming utility
premake 4.4-beta5 Write once, build anywhere Lua-based build system
prest 0.3.0 Serve a RESTful API from any PostgreSQL database
presto 0.192 Distributed SQL query engine for big data
prettyping 1.0.1 Wrapper to colorize and simplify ping's output
primer3 2.4.0 Program for designing PCR primers
primesieve 6.3 Fast C/C++ prime number generator
prips 1.0.1 Print the IP addresses in a given range
privoxy 3.0.26 Advanced filtering web proxy
procmail 14 Autonomous mail processor
proctools 0.4pre1 pgrep, pkill, and pfind for OpenBSD and Darwin (macOS)
procyon-decompiler 0.5.30 Modern decompiler for Java 5 and beyond
prodigal 2.6.3 Microbial gene prediction
profanity 0.5.1 Console based XMPP client
proftpd 1.3.6 Highly configurable GPL-licensed FTP server software
progress 0.13.1 Progress: Coreutils Progress Viewer
proguard 5.3.3 Java class file shrinker, optimizer, and obfuscator
proj 4.9.3 Cartographic Projections Library
projectile 0.14.0 Project Interaction Library for Emacs
prokka 1.12_1 Rapid annotation of prokaryotic genomes
prometheus 2.1.0 Service monitoring system and time series database
proof-general 4.4_2 Emacs-based generic interface for theorem provers
prooftree 0.13 Proof tree visualization program
proselint 0.8.0 Linter for prose