Package listing

This is a listing of all packages available via the Homebrew package manager for macOS.

somagic 1.1 Linux capture program for the Somagic variants of EasyCAP
somagic-tools 1.1 Tools to extract firmware from EasyCAP
sonar-completion 1.0 Bash completion for Sonar
sonar-scanner Launcher to analyze a project with SonarQube
sonarlint Provides pre-commit feedback on quality issues injected into code
sonarqube 7.1 Manage code quality
soplex 3.1.0 The Sequential object-oriented simPlex
sops 3.0.3 Editor of encrypted files
sord 0.16.0 C library for storing RDF data in memory
sortmerna 2.1 SortMeRNA: filter metatranscriptomic ribosomal RNA
sotlisp 1.6.2 Emacs minor mode for writing Emacs Lisp faster
sound-touch 2.0.0 Audio processing library
source-highlight 3.1.8_9 Source-code syntax highlighter
source-to-image 1.1.9a Tool for building source and injecting into docker images
sourcekitten 0.20.0 Framework and command-line tool for interacting with SourceKit
sourcery 0.11.2 Meta-programming for Swift, stop writing boilerplate code
sox 14.4.2_1 SOund eXchange: universal sound sample translator
spaced 20160804_1 Spaced-Words for alignment-free sequence comparison
spaceinvaders-go 1.2 Space Invaders in your terminal written in Go
spaceman-diff 1.0.3 Diff images from the command-line
spades 3.11.1_2 De novo genome sequence assembly
spandsp 0.0.6_1 DSP functions library for telephony
spark 1.0.1 Sparklines for the shell
sparkey 1.0.0 Constant key-value store, best for frequent read/infrequent write uses
sparse 0.5.2 Static C code analysis tool
spatialindex 1.8.5 General framework for developing spatial indices
spatialite-gis 1.0.0c
spatialite-gui 1.7.1_4 GUI tool supporting SpatiaLite
spatialite-tools 4.3.0_2 CLI tools supporting SpatiaLite
spawn-fcgi 1.6.4 Spawn fast-CGI processes