Package listing

This is a listing of all packages available via the Homebrew package manager for macOS.

sbagen 1.4.5
sbcl 1.4.6 Steel Bank Common Lisp system
sbjson 5.0.0 JSON CLI parser & reformatter based on SBJson v5
sblim-sfcc 2.2.8 Project to enhance the manageability of GNU/Linux system
sbt 1.1.4 Build tool for Scala projects
sbt@0.13 0.13.17 Build tool for Scala projects
sbtenv 0.0.14 Command-line tool for managing sbt environments
sbuild 0.7.7 Scala-based build system
sc-im 0.7.0 Spreadsheet program for the terminal, using ncurses
sc68 2.2.1 Play music originally designed for Atari ST and Amiga computers
scala 2.12.5 JVM-based programming language
scala@2.10 2.10.7 JVM-based programming language
scala@2.11 2.11.12 JVM-based programming language
scalaenv 0.1.0 Command-line tool to manage Scala environments
scalapack 2.0.2_10 High-performance linear algebra for distributed memory machines
scalariform 0.2.6 Scala source code formatter
scalastyle 1.0.0 Run scalastyle from the command-line
scale2x 3.1 Real-time graphics effect
scamp 2.0.4_1
scamper 20180309 Advanced traceroute and network measurement utility
scarpa 0.241
sccache 0.2.6 Used as a compiler wrapper and avoids compilation when possible
sceptre 1.3.4 Build better AWS infrastructure
scheme48 1.9.2 Scheme byte-code interpreter
schismtracker 20180209 Portable reimplementation of Impulse Tracker
schroedinger 1.0.11 High-speed implementation of the Dirac codec
scipy 1.0.1 Software for mathematics, science, and engineering
scm-manager 1.59 Manage Git, Mercurial, and Subversion repos over HTTP
scmpuff 0.2.1 Adds numbered shortcuts for common git commands
scons 3.0.1 Substitute for classic 'make' tool with autoconf/automake functionality