Package listing

This is a listing of all packages available via the Homebrew package manager for macOS.

sdl_gfx 2.0.26 Graphics drawing primitives and other support functions
sdl_image 1.2.12_7 Image file loading library
sdl_mixer 1.2.12_3 Sample multi-channel audio mixer library
sdl_net 1.2.8 Sample cross-platform networking library
sdl_rtf 0.1.0 Sample library to display Rich Text Format (RTF) documents
sdl_sound 1.0.3_1 Library to decode several popular sound file formats
sdl_ttf 2.0.11_1 Library for using TrueType fonts in SDL applications
sdlpop 1.18.1 Open-source port of Prince of Persia
sdsl-lite 2.1.1_1 Succinct Data Structure Library 2.0
sec 2.7.12 Event correlation tool for event processing of various kinds
securefs 0.7.2 Filesystem with transparent authenticated encryption
securefs 0.8.1 Filesystem with transparent authenticated encryption
seexpr 2.11 Embeddable expression evaluation engine
selecta 0.0.7 Fuzzy text selector for files and anything else you need to select
selenium-server-standalone 3.11.0 Browser automation for testing purposes
sendemail 1.56 Email program for sending SMTP mail
seq 2.20 Sequence manipulation library for Emacs
seq-gen 1.3.4 Simulator of DNA and amino acid sequence evolution
seqan 2.3.2 C++ library of sequence algorithms and data structures
seqdb 0.2.1 High-throughput compression of FASTQ data
seqtk 1.2 Toolkit for processing sequences in FASTA/Q formats
sequel 1.0.2 Improving the Accuracy of Genome Assemblies
ser2net 2.10.1 Allow network connections to serial ports
serd 0.28.0 C library for RDF syntax
serf 0.8.1 Service orchestration and management tool
serialosc 1.4.1 Opensound control server for monome devices
sersniff 0.0.5 Program to tunnel/sniff between 2 serial ports
serveit 0.0.2_1 Synchronous server and rebuilder of static content
servus 1.5.1 Library and Utilities for zeroconf networking
set-misc-nginx-module 0.31 Rewrite module md5/sha1, and many more