Package listing

This is a listing of all packages available via the Homebrew package manager for macOS.

simpleitk 1.0.1 Simplified layer built on top of ITK
simulate-pcr 1.2 Predicts amplicon products from single or multiplex primers
simutrans 120.1.3 Transport simulator
since 1.1 Stateful tail: show changes to files since last check
singular 4.1.0p3_1 Computer algebra system for polynomial computations
sip 4.19.6_3 Tool to create Python bindings for C and C++ libraries
sipcalc 1.1.6 Advanced console-based IP subnet calculator
sipp 3.5.1 Traffic generator for the SIP protocol
sipsak 0.9.6 SIP Swiss army knife
siril 0.9.7 Astronomical image (pre-)processing application
sisc-scheme 1.16.6 Extensive Java based Scheme interpreter
sisl 4.6.0
sispmctl 4.0 Control Gembird SIS-PM programmable power outlet strips
sisu-mode 7.1.8 Emacs major mode for editing SiSU markup
sjk 0.9.1 Swiss Java Knife
skafos 1.0 Command-line tool for working with the Metis Machine platform
skewer 0.2.2 Fast and accurate NGS adapter trimmer
skewer-mode 1.7.0 Emacs mode for live web development
ski 6.12 Evade the deadly Yeti on your jet-powered skis
skinny 2.5.2 Full-stack web app framework in Scala
skipfish 2.10b_1 Web application security scanner
skktools 1.3.3 SKK dictionary maintenance tools
sl 5.02 Prints a steam locomotive if you type sl instead of ls
slackcat 1.4 Command-line utility for posting snippets to Slack
slacknimate 1.0.1 Text animation for Slack messages
slashem 0.0.8E0F1 Fork/variant of Nethack
sleepwatcher 2.2 Monitors sleep, wakeup, and idleness of a Mac
slepc 3.7.4_1 Scalable Library for Eigenvalue Computations
sleuthkit 4.5.0 Forensic toolkit
slicot 5.0+20101122_3 Fortran 77 algorithms for computations in systems and control theory