Package listing

This is a listing of all packages available via the Homebrew package manager for macOS.

tn5250 0.17.4_1 5250 terminal and printer emulator
tnef 1.4.17 Microsoft MS-TNEF attachment unpacker
tnfa-emacs 0.1.1 Tagged non-deterministic finite-state automata
tnftp 20070806 NetBSD's FTP client (built from macOS Sierra sources)
tnftpd 20100324 NetBSD's FTP server (built from macOS Sierra sources)
tnote 0.2.1 Small note-taking program for the terminal
todo-txt 2.11.0 Minimal, todo.txt-focused editor
todolist 0.8 Very fast, simple task manager for the command-line, based upon GTD
todoman 3.3.0_2 Simple CalDAV-based todo manager
tofrodos 1.7.13 Converts DOS <-> UNIX text files, alias tofromdos
toilet 0.3 Color-based alternative to figlet (uses libcaca)
tokei 7.0.1 Program that allows you to count code, quickly
tokyo-cabinet 1.4.48 Lightweight database library
tokyo-dystopia 0.9.15 Lightweight full-text search system
tomcat 9.0.7 Implementation of Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages
tomcat-native 1.2.16 Lets Tomcat use some native resources for performance
tomcat@6 6.0.53 Implementation of Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages
tomcat@7 7.0.82 Implementation of Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages
tomcat@8 8.5.28 Implementation of Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages
tomee-jax-rs 1.7.4 TomeEE Web Profile plus JAX-RS
tomee-plume 1.7.4 Apache TomEE Plume
tomee-plus 1.7.4 Everything in TomEE Web Profile and JAX-RS, plus more
tomee-webprofile 1.7.4_1 All-Apache Java EE 6 Web Profile stack
topcat 4.4 Interactive graphical viewer and editor for tabular data
topdrawer 1.4e SLAC interface for generating physics graphs
topgit 0.9 Git patch queue manager
tophat 2.1.1_7 Spliced read mapper for RNA-Seq
tor Anonymizing overlay network for TCP
torrentcheck 1.00 Command-line torrent viewer and hash checker
torsocks 2.2.0 Use SOCKS-friendly applications with Tor