Package listing

This is a listing of all packages available via the Homebrew package manager for macOS.

tox 3.0.0 Generic Python virtualenv management and test command-line tool
tpl 1.6.1 Store and retrieve binary data in C
tpp 1.3.1 Ncurses-based presentation tool
trace2html 2015-07-07 Utility from Google Trace Viewer to convert JSON traces to HTML
tracebox 0.4.4 Middlebox detection tool
tractorgen 0.31.7 Generates ASCII tractor art
traefik 1.5.4 Modern reverse proxy
trafficserver 7.1.3 HTTP/1.1 compliant caching proxy server
trafshow 5.2.3_1 Continuous network traffic display
traildb 0.6 Blazingly-fast database for log-structured data
trans-abyss 1.5.5 Assemble RNA-Seq data using ABySS
trans_proteomic_pipeline 4.8.0 TransProteomicPipeline: Collection of proteomics tools
transcrypt 1.0.3 Configure transparent encryption of files in a Git repo
transdecoder 5.0.2 Identifies candidate coding regions within transcript sequences
translate-shell Command-line translator using Google Translate and more
translate-toolkit 2.3.0 Toolkit for localization engineers
transmission 2.93 Lightweight BitTorrent client
transpose 2.0 Fast efficient tranpose of plain text matrix data
transrate-tools 1.0.0.beta4 Aggregate BAM read mapping information
transtermhp 2.09
trash 0.8.5 CLI tool that moves files or folder to the trash
trash-cli Command-line interface to the trashcan
travis 1.8.8_3 Command-line client for Travis CI
tre 0.8.0 Lightweight, POSIX-compliant regular expression (regex) library
tree 1.7.0 Display directories as trees (with optional color/HTML output)
treecc 0.3.10 Aspect-oriented approach to writing compilers
treefrog 1.21.0 High-speed C++ MVC Framework for Web Application
trezor-agent 0.9.2 Hardware-based SSH/GPG agent
trf 4.09 Tandem repeats finder
triangle 1.6