Package listing

This is a listing of all packages available via the Homebrew package manager for macOS.

zookeeper 3.4.10 Centralized server for distributed coordination of services
zopfli 1.0.1 New zlib (gzip, deflate) compatible compressor
zorba 3.1_7 NoSQL query processor
zork 1.0.2 The Dungeon modified from FORTRAN to C
zpaq 7.15 Incremental, journaling command-line archiver
zplug 2.4.2 The next-generation plugin manager for zsh
zpython 00-5.0.5 Embeds a Python interpreter into zsh
zsdx 1.11.0 Zelda Mystery of Solarus DX
zsh 5.5.1 UNIX shell (command interpreter)
zsh-autosuggestions 0.4.2 Fish-like fast/unobtrusive autosuggestions for zsh
zsh-completions 0.27.0 Additional completion definitions for zsh
zsh-git-prompt 0.5 Informative git prompt for zsh
zsh-history-substring-search 1.0.1 Zsh port of Fish shell's history search
zsh-lovers 0.9.1 Tips, tricks, and examples for zsh
zsh-navigation-tools 2.2.7 Zsh curses-based tools, e.g. multi-word history searcher
zsh-syntax-highlighting 0.6.0 Fish shell like syntax highlighting for zsh
zshdb 0.92 Debugger for zsh
zssh 1.5c Interactive file transfers over SSH
zstd 1.3.4 Zstandard is a real-time compression algorithm
zsxd 1.11.0 Zelda Mystery of Solarus XD
zsync 0.6.2 File transfer program
ztree 1.0.5 Emacs modes for directory tree comparison
zurl 1.9.1 HTTP and WebSocket client worker with ZeroMQ interface
zxcc 0.5.7 CP/M 2/3 emulator for cross-compiling and CP/M tools under UNIX
zxing-cpp 2.3.0 C++ port of the ZXing barcode decoder
zyre 2.0.0 Local Area Clustering for Peer-to-Peer Applications
zzuf 0.15 Transparent application input fuzzer
zzz 1 Command-line tool to put Macs to sleep