Open computer graphics interchange framework

Current versions

alembic requires the following formulae to be installed:
cmake 3.10.0 Cross-platform make
ilmbase 2.2.0 OpenEXR ILM Base libraries (high dynamic-range image file format)

Formula history

ilovezfs alembic 1.7.3
Jonathan Chang alembic 1.7.2
ilovezfs alembic 1.7.1
Tim D. Smith alembic 1.6.1
Andrew Janke alembic: audit fixes
Dominique Orban Bump revision of HDF5 dependents, part 1.
Ian Lancaster alembic: depends on boost-python
Ian Lancaster alembic: use hg release tag
Ian Lancaster alembic: update url, add HEAD
Ian Lancaster alembic 1.5.4
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