Engine for large-scale data processing
https://spark.apache.org/ Also known as: apache-spark@2.2

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The following formula requires apache-spark to be installed:
adam 0.22.0 Genomics analysis platform built on Apache Avro, Apache Spark and Parquet

Formula history

ilovezfs apache-spark 2.2.0 (#15507)
Tatyana Mozgacheva apache-spark: fix a test for the dash
ilovezfs apache-spark 2.1.1
Chuancong Gao apache-spark 2.1.0
ilovezfs apache-spark 2.0.2
Zhibo Zheng apache-spark 2.0.1
zhibo z apache-spark 2.0.0 (#3362)
Freddy Kelly apache-spark 1.6.2 (#2675)
Zachary Nanfelt apache-spark 1.6.1
Zachary Nanfelt apache-spark 1.6.0
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