Official Amazon AWS command-line interface

Current versions

awscli requires the following formula to be installed:
python3 3.6.4_2 Interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language

Reverse dependencies

The following formulae require awscli to be installed:
quaff 0.1.1_3 Pair HMM for aligning FASTQ to FASTA reference
conjure-up 2.5.3 Big software deployments so easy it's almost magical

Recent formula history

Michihito Shigemura awscli 1.14.40
Michihito Shigemura awscli 1.14.30
Michihito Shigemura awscli 1.14.20
commitay awscli 1.14.10
Michihito Shigemura awscli 1.11.190

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