Google's own build tool Also known as: bazel@0.5

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The following formula requires bazel to be installed:
libtensorflow 1.3.0 C interface for Google's OS library for Machine Intelligence

Formula history

ilovezfs bazel 0.5.4
ilovezfs bazel: update checksum
ilovezfs bazel 0.5.3
ilovezfs bazel: update patch checksum for 10.10 fix
Misty De Meo bazel: use full_index patch
ilovezfs bazel 0.5.2
ilovezfs bazel 0.5.1
ilovezfs Revert "bazel 0.5.0"
ilovezfs Revert "bazel: update 0.5.0 bottle."
ilovezfs bazel 0.5.0
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