Garbage collector for C and C++

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 Also known as:boehmgc</strong>, <strong>libgc


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The following formulae require bdw-gc to be installed:

Formula history

FX Coudertbdw-gc: add test
FX Coudertbdw-gc: drop universal
ilovezfsbdw-gc: use https for homepage and stable url
ilovezfsbdw-gc 7.6.0
Juan Wajnermanbdw-gc: add head
Tomasz Pajorbdw-gc: use sha256
Nikolaus WittensteinAdd descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
Jack Nagelbdw-gc 7.4.2
Juan Wajnermanbdw-gc 7.4.0
dfaligertwoodbdw-gc: update homepage/download URL
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