High performance key/value database

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 Also known as:db</strong>, <strong>berkeley-db@6

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Formula history

ilovezfsberkeley-db 6.2.32
Maxim Belkinberkeley-db 6.2.23
Izzy NavedoReplace references to “(Mac) OS X” with “macOS”.
Zhiming Wangberkeley-db: add test block (#4206)
Tomasz Pajorberkeley-db 6.1.26
Baptiste Fontainebatch http->https fixes
Nikolaus WittensteinAdd descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
Cyril Scetbonberkeley-db 6.1.19
Jack Nagelberkeley-db: use patch DSL
Mike McQuaidformulae: fix with/without usage.
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