Fast and statically typed, compiled language with Ruby-like syntax

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Formula history

Matias Garcia Isaiacrystal-lang 0.23.1
Jose Luis Salascrystal-lang 0.23.0
Ary Borenszweigcrystal-lang 0.22.0
ilovezfscrystal-lang: revision for llvm
Ary Borenszweigcrystal-lang 0.21.1
Ary Borenszweigcrystal-lang 0.21.0
Miguel Araújocrystal-lang: fix audit
Dangyi Liucrystal-lang: install completion.zsh as _crystal
ilovezfscrystal-lang: vendor bdw-gc 7.6.0 during the build
JCountcrystal-lang: revision for libevent
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