Database separating transactions, storage and queries

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Jérémy Van de Wyngaertdatomic: add plist, add and configure data and logs directories
Trevor Hartmandatomic 0.9.5561
Dung Quangdatomic 0.9.5544
ilovezfsFix redundant-with-version-scanned-from-URL errors (#4020)
Hao-kang Dendatomic 0.9.5394 (#3937)
Hao-kang Dendatomic 0.9.5390 (#3640)
Steven Degutisdatomic 0.9.5372 (#1602)
Hao-kang Dendatomic 0.9.5350
Matthias Nüßlerdatomic 0.9.5344
Xu Chengdatomic: bottle unneeded
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