D programming language compiler for macOS

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Reverse dependencies

The following formula requires dmd to be installed:
dcd 0.9.1 Auto-complete program for the D programming language

Formula history

John Colvin dmd 2.076.0
John Colvin dmd 2.076.0-b1 (devel) (#17203)
John Colvin dmd 2.075.1
John Colvin dmd 2.075.0
John Colvin dmd: fix HEAD (#15744)
John Colvin dmd 2.075.0-rc1 (devel) (#15695)
ilovezfs dmd 2.075.0-b4 (devel) (#15487)
ilovezfs dmd 2.075.0-b3 (devel)
ilovezfs dmd 2.075.0-b2 (devel) (#15334)
John Colvin dmd 2.075.0-b1 (devel) (#14953)
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