XML vocabulary to create presentation-neutral documents

Current version

docbook-xsl requires the following formula to be installed:
docbook 5.0 Standard SGML representation system for technical documents

Reverse dependencies

The following formulae require docbook-xsl to be installed:
makepkg 5.0.2 Compile and build packages suitable for installation with pacman
xmlto 0.0.28 Convert XML to another format (based on XSL or other tools)
saldl 39 CLI downloader optimized for speed and early preview
tinyproxy 1.8.4 HTTP/HTTPS proxy for POSIX systems
flactag 2.0.4_1 Tag single album FLAC files with MusicBrainz CUE sheets
ripgrep 0.8.1 Search tool like grep and The Silver Searcher
neomutt 20180323 E-mail reader with support for Notmuch, NNTP and much more
libsecret 0.18.6 Library for storing/retrieving passwords and other secrets
offlineimap 7.2.0 Synchronizes emails between two repositories
gtk-doc 1.28 GTK+ documentation tool

Recent formula history

Miguel Araújo docbook-xsl: fix audit --warning
Ivo Clarysse docbook-xsl 1.79.1
Tom Schoonjans scrollkeeper and docbook-xsl: XML_CATALOG_FILES
Nikolaus Wittenstein Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
Jack Nagel docbook-xsl: move xmlcatalog update to post-install

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