Docker Machine Parallels Driver

Current versions

docker-machine-parallels requires the following formulae to be installed:
go 1.9.2 Open source programming language to build simple/reliable/efficient software
docker-machine 0.13.0 Create Docker hosts locally and on cloud providers

Formula history

ilovezfs docker-machine-parallels 1.3.0
ilovezfs docker-machine-parallels: fix checksum
ilovezfs docker-machine-parallels 1.2.3
ilovezfs docker-machine-parallels 1.2.2
ilovezfs docker-machine-parallels 1.2.1
Alexander D. Kanevskiy docker-machine-parallels 1.2.0
Alexander D. Kanevskiy docker-machine-parallels: build using tested vendored dependencies
Dominyk Tiller docker-machine-parallels: disable GO15VENDOREXPERIMENT
Dominyk Tiller docker-machine-parallels: revision for go
Alexander D. Kanevskiy docker-machine-parallels 1.1.1
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