Perl lib for reading and writing EXIF metadata

Current versions

Revision: 1

Reverse dependencies

The following formulae require exiftool to be installed:
iphotoexport 1.6.4 Export and synchronize iPhoto library to a folder tree
nuxeo 9.2 Enterprise Content Management
mat 0.6.1 Metadata anonymization toolkit

Formula history

commitay exiftool 10.67 (devel)
commitay exiftool 10.66 (devel)
Rakesh exiftool 10.65 (devel) (#20186)
ilovezfs exiftool 10.64 (devel) (#19977)
JCount exiftool: make and install manpages
commitay exiftool 10.63 (devel)
FX Coudert exiftool: add mirror
Viktor Szakats exiftool: secure url(s)
commitay exiftool 10.55
John Huang exiftool 10.53
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