Package for jet finding in pp and ee collisions

Current versions

fastjet requires the following formula to be installed:
cgal 4.11 Computational Geometry Algorithm Library

Reverse dependencies

The following formulae require fastjet to be installed:
fastnlo Fast pQCD calculations for PDF fits
fjcontrib 1.030 Package of contributed add-ons to FastJet
thepeg 2.1.1 Toolkit for high energy physics event generation
madgraph5_amcatnlo 2.6.0 Automated LO and NLO processes matched to parton showers

Formula history

David Hall fastjet: add bottles [skip ci]
David Hall --keep-old flag prevents new bottles being built
David Hall fastjet: turn on python and CGAL by default
David Hall Travis-CI uses brew test-bot Copied .travis.yml from brew-tap-new script. This should make for quicker testing, because only the edited formula is tested. Also moved formulae to Formula folder.
David Hall fastjet: 3.3.0
Christian Johnson Update fastjet.rb
David Hall Style changes
Christian Johnson Update fastjet.rb to v3.2.0
Dmitry Kalinkin replace sha1 with sha256 (fixes travis tests)
Dmitry Kalinkin remove "require 'formula'" headers
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