Package for jet finding in pp and ee collisions

Current version

fastjet requires the following formula to be installed:
cgal 4.11 Computational Geometry Algorithm Library

Reverse dependencies

The following formulae require fastjet to be installed:
fjcontrib 1.026 Package of contributed add-ons to FastJet
whizard 2.5.0 Monte Carlo event generator
madgraph5_amcatnlo 2.5.5 Automated LO and NLO processes matched to parton showers

Formula history

David Hall fastjet: 3.3.0
Christian Johnson Update fastjet.rb
David Hall Style changes
Christian Johnson Update fastjet.rb to v3.2.0
Dmitry Kalinkin replace sha1 with sha256 (fixes travis tests)
Dmitry Kalinkin remove "require 'formula'" headers
Christian Johnson Update fastjet.rb to v3.1.3
David Hall fastjet: 3.1.2
David Hall fastjet: 3.1.0
David Hall Remove brew test from travis CI
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