Process short-read FASTA/FASTQ sequencing files

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fastx_toolkit requires the following formula to be installed:

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Jonathan Changfastx_toolkit: fix conflict with autoconf-archive
Shaun Jackmanfastx_toolkit: Add desc and tag bioinformatics
Jack Nagelfastx_toolkit: modernize autotools deps
Shaun Jackmanfastx_toolkit: Fix the build on Mountain Lion
Jack Nagelfastx_toolkit: use resources
Jack Nagelfastx_toolkit: use spec deps
Shaun Jackmanfastx_toolkit 0.0.14: Requires C++11
A. Gordonfastx-toolkit 0.0.14
Shaun Jackmanfastx_toolkit: Add HEAD
Shaun Jackmanfastx_toolkit: Fails with clang
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