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Current versions:
2.5 HEAD


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ffmpeg requires the following formulae to be installed:

Reverse dependencies

The following formulae require ffmpeg to be installed:

Formula history

BrewTestBot ffmpeg: update 2.5 bottle.
Denis Denisov ffmpeg 2.5
BrewTestBot ffmpeg: update 2.4.4 bottle.
Misty De Meo ffmpeg: do not build bottle with --enable-nonfree
BrewTestBot ffmpeg: update 2.4.4 bottle.
Dave Rice ffmpeg 2.4.4
Jesse Tan Add support for compiling with libfontconfig
Dominyk Tiller ffmpeg: adds libsoxr option
Dominyk Tiller ffmpeg: openssl fix
Misty De Meo ffmpeg: disable VDA on 10.10 unless clang is used
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