Examine and manipulate Qt application internals at runtime

Current versions

gammaray requires the following formulae to be installed:
cmake 3.10.0 Cross-platform make
qt 5.9.3 Cross-platform application and UI framework
graphviz 2.40.1 Graph visualization software from AT&T and Bell Labs

Formula history

ilovezfs gammaray: use assert_predicate
JCount gammaray 2.8.1
ilovezfs gammaray 2.8.0
Mike McQuaid gammaray: fix rubocop warnings.
Mike McQuaid gammaray: rename qt5 to qt.
ilovezfs gammaray 2.7.0
ilovezfs gammaray: depend on qt5 instead of qt@5.7
ilovezfs gammaray: depend on qt@5.7
ilovezfs gammaray 2.6.0
ilovezfs gammaray 2.5.1
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