RAD tool for the GTK+ and GNOME environment

Current version

glade requires the following formulae to be installed:
xz 5.2.3 General-purpose data compression with high compression ratio
pkg-config 0.29.2 Manage compile and link flags for libraries
intltool 0.51.0 String tool
itstool 2.0.4_1 Make XML documents translatable through PO files
docbook-xsl 1.79.1 XML vocabulary to create presentation-neutral documents
gettext GNU internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n) library
libxml2 2.9.7 GNOME XML library
adwaita-icon-theme 3.26.1 Icons for the GNOME project
hicolor-icon-theme 0.17 Fallback theme for icon themes
gtk+3 3.22.28 Toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces
gtk-mac-integration 2.0.8_1 Integrates GTK macOS applications with the Mac desktop

Recent formula history

Tom Schoonjans glade 3.20.3
Tom Schoonjans glade 3.20.2
ilovezfs Use “squiggly” heredocs.
Tom Schoonjans glade 3.20.1
Tom Schoonjans glade: rename gnome-icon-theme to adwaita-icon-theme

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