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 Also known as:adwaita-icon-theme


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The following formulae require gnome-icon-theme to be installed:

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cherenkovgnome-icon-theme: update dependencies (#15765)
Tom Schoonjansgnome-icon-theme 3.24.0
Tom Schoonjansgnome-icon-theme 3.22.0
Dominyk Tillergnome-icon-theme 3.20
Tom Schoonjansgnome-icon-theme 3.18.0
Tom Schoonjansgnome-icon-theme: librsvg dependency should be build only
Tom Schoonjansremoved revision bumps for gdk-pixbuf and gnome-icon-theme
Tom Schoonjansgnome-icon-theme
Tom Schoonjansadwaita-icon-theme just went quartz-only
Nikolaus WittensteinAdd descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
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