GNU Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) package

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 Also known as:gpg</strong>, <strong>gpg1</strong>, <strong>gnupg2</strong>, <strong>gnupg@2.1</strong>, <strong>gpg</strong>, <strong>gpg2


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The following formula requires gnupg to be installed:

Formula history

Dominyk Tillergnupg: don't version gpgsplit executable
Dominyk Tillergnupg: add option for installing gpg-zip
Dominyk Tillergnupg: update encfs optional dependency
Alexander Hamanngnupg 2.1.20
ilovezfsgpnupg 2.1.19
Dominyk Tillergnupg: fix gpg-zip1 GPG default
Kazuhiro NISHIYAMAgnupg: fix double word typo (#4011)
Dominyk Tillergnupg 1.4.21
Dominyk Tillergnupg: more caveat rewriting
Dominyk Tillergnupg: tweak caveats
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