The Go programming language

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 Also known as:golang</strong>, <strong>google-go</strong>, <strong>go@1.8

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Formula history

Matt Blairgo 1.8.1
Dominyk Tillergo: fix Xcode/CLT 8.3-related breakage.
Mike McQuaidgo: tweak caveats (1.2 was long ago).
ilovezfsgo: specify tools resource by branch name alone (#10097)
Taylor Blaugo 1.8
Benoit Sigourego 1.8rc3 (devel)
Benoit Sigourego 1.7.5
Christoph Bleckergo 1.8rc2 (devel) (#9079)
Matt Blairgo 1.8rc1 (devel)
ilovezfsgo: upstream fix for non-cgo root cert discovery
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