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gobject-introspection requires the following formulae to be installed:

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The following formulae require gobject-introspection to be installed:

Formula history

BrewTestBot gobject-introspection: update 1.42.0 bottle.
BrewTestBot gobject-introspection: update 1.42.0 bottle.
Jack Nagel gobject-introspection 1.42.0
Jack Nagel Use githubusercontent domain
Jack Nagel Revert "Use instead of"
Jack Nagel Use instead of
BrewTestBot gobject-introspection: update 1.40.0 bottle.
Jack Nagel gobject-introspection 1.40.0
Jack Nagel gobject-introspection: use checksummed patches
Jack Nagel Remove remaining explicit xz build-time deps
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