Dependency tool for go

Current versions

Revision: 6

godep requires the following formula to be installed:
go 1.9 Open source programming language to build simple/reliable/efficient software

Reverse dependencies

The following formulae require godep to be installed:
ipfs 0.4.10 Peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol
frugal 2.9.1 Cross language code generator for creating scalable microservices
cig 0.1.5 CLI app for checking the state of your git repositories
tile38 1.9.1 In-memory geolocation data store, spatial index, and realtime geofence
docker-machine-driver-vultr 1.4.0 Docker Machine driver plugin for Vultr Cloud
deisctl 1.13.4 Deis Control Utility

Formula history

ilovezfs godep: revision for go
JCount godep: install metafiles
Christoph Blecker godep: revision for go
Christoph Blecker godep: revision for go
Matt Blair godep: revision for go
Dominyk Tiller godep: bump revision for go
Taylor Blau godep: revision for go
ilovezfs godep 79
ilovezfs godep: update checksum
ilovezfs godep 78
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