GNU PIC Utilities

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Reverse dependencies

The following formulae require gputils to be installed:
sdcc 3.6.0 ANSI C compiler for Intel 8051, Maxim 80DS390, and Zilog Z80
gpsim 0.30.0 Simulator for Microchip's PIC microcontrollers

Formula history

ilovezfs gputils 1.5.0-1
Miguel Araújo gputils: fix audit --warning
ilovezfs gputils 1.5.0
ilovezfs gputils 1.5.0-rc6 (devel)
ilovezfs gputils 1.5.0-rc5 (devel)
ilovezfs gputils 1.5.0-rc2 (devel)
ilovezfs gputils 1.4.2-1
Dominyk Tiller gputils: use shell_output in testing
Nikolaus Wittenstein Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
Brett Koonce gputils 1.4.0-1
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