GSettings schemas for desktop components

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Formula history

Tom Schoonjansgsettings-desktop-schemas 3.22.0
Dominyk Tillergsettings-desktop-schemas: use our Python on <10.10
Dominyk Tillergsettings-desktop-schemas 3.20.0
Tom Schoonjansgsettings-desktop-schemas 3.18.1
Tom Schoonjansgsettings-desktop-schemas 3.18.0
Nikolaus WittensteinAdd descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
Tom Schoonjansgsettings-desktop-schemas 3.16.2
Viktor Szakatsgsettings-desktop-schemas: https url and homepage
Tom Schoonjansgtk+3 3.16.2 and gtkmm3 3.16.0
Jack Nagelgsettings-desktop-schemas 3.14.0
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