Numerical library for C and C++ Also known as: gnu-scientific-library

Current version

Reverse dependencies

The following formulae require gsl to be installed:
flowgrind 0.8.0 TCP measurement tool, similar to iperf or netperf
andi 0.11 Estimate evolutionary distance between similar genomes
anvio 3 Analysis and visualization platform for ‘omics data.
apophenia 1.0_2 C library for statistical and scientific computing
art 20160605_1 Simulation tools to generate synthetic NGS reads
ea-utils 1.1.2-806_2 Tools for processing biological sequencing data
hotspot 4.1.0_2 Identify regions of local enrichment of short-read sequence tags
pspp 1.0.1 Statistical analysis of sampled data (FOSS SPSS clone)
visp 3.0.1_4 Visual Servoing Platform library
wiggletools 1.2.2_1 Compute genome-wide statistics with composable iterators
algol68g 2.8.4 Algol 68 compiler-interpreter
thepeg 2.1.1 Toolkit for high energy physics event generation
getdp 2.11.1_3 Open source finite element solver using mixed elements.
nest 2.14.0_1 The Neural Simulation Tool (NEST) with Python2 bindings (PyNEST)
analysis 0.8.8_4 Programs for the (pre-NGS-era) analysis of population-genetic data.
enblend-enfuse 4.2_3 Combines images that overlap
fwdpp 0.5.7_2 C++ template library for forward-time population genetic simulations
lobstr 4.0.6_3 Profiles Short Tandem Repeats (STRs) from sequencing data
quaff 0.1.1_3 Pair HMM for aligning FASTQ to FASTA reference
astrometry-net 0.73 Automatic identification of astronomical images
libsequence 1.9.2 C++ library for evolutionary genetics
visp 3.1.0 Visual Servoing Platform library
vbfnlo 3.0.0beta3 Parton-level Monte Carlo for processes with electroweak bosons
bcftools 1.7 Tools for BCF/VCF files and variant calling from samtools
oscats 0.6_2 Computerized adaptive testing system
dynare 4.5.4_2 Platform for economic models, particularly DSGE and OLG models
gnuradio 3.7.11_3 SDK providing the signal processing runtime and processing blocks
siril Astronomical image processing tool

Recent formula history

ilovezfs gsl 2.4
ilovezfs gsl: swap GNU url and mirror.
FX Coudert gsl: drop universal
ilovezfs gsl 2.3
ilovezfs gsl 2.2.1

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