Numerical library for C and C++ Also known as: gnu-scientific-library, gsl@2

Current version

Reverse dependencies

The following formulae require gsl to be installed:
flowgrind 0.8.0 TCP measurement tool, similar to iperf or netperf
oscats 0.6_2 Computerized adaptive testing system
herwig 7.1.1 Monte Carlo event generator
andi 0.11 Estimate evolutionary distance between similar genomes
anvio 3 Analysis and visualization platform for ‘omics data.
apophenia 1.0_2 C library for statistical and scientific computing
art 20160605_1 Simulation tools to generate synthetic NGS reads
dynare 4.5.1 Platform for economic models, particularly DSGE and OLG models
ea-utils 1.1.2-806_2 Tools for processing biological sequencing data
hotspot 4.1.0_2 Identify regions of local enrichment of short-read sequence tags
libsequence 1.9.1_2 C++ library for evolutionary genetics
pspp 1.0.1 Statistical analysis of sampled data (FOSS SPSS clone)
visp 3.0.1_4 Visual Servoing Platform library
wiggletools 1.2.2_1 Compute genome-wide statistics with composable iterators
xmi-msim 6.0_3 Monte Carlo simulation of X-ray fluorescence spectrometers
algol68g 2.8.4 Algol 68 compiler-interpreter
moose 3.1.1_1 Multiscale Object Oriented Simulation Environment
gnuradio 3.7.11_1 SDK providing the signal processing runtime and processing blocks
gnuastro 0.4 Programs and libs for manipulation and analysis of astronomical data
thepeg 2.1.1 Toolkit for high energy physics event generation
monetdb 11.27.9 Column-store database
nco 4.7.0_1 Command-line operators for netCDF and HDF files
abinit 8.4.4_1 Atomic-scale first-principles simulation software
getdp 2.11.1_3 Open source finite element solver using mixed elements.
libbi 1.3.0_6 Bayesian state-space modelling on parallel computer hardware

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ilovezfs gsl: swap GNU url and mirror.
FX Coudert gsl: drop universal
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ilovezfs gsl 2.2.1
ilovezfs gsl 2.2
Dominyk Tiller urls: update ftpmirror to use https
Dominyk Tiller gsl: add notations on 2.x update
Dominyk Tiller gsl: add test
Baptiste Fontaine batch http->https fixes
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