Add GitHub support to git on the command-line

Current versions

hub requires the following formula to be installed:
go 1.9.1 Open source programming language to build simple/reliable/efficient software

Formula history

ilovezfs hub: fix devel checksum
ilovezfs hub: fix checksum
ilovezfs hub: remove redundant version specification
Ed Flanagan hub 2.3.0-pre10 (devel) (#14979)
Eloy Durán hub: add fish completion
ilovezfs hub: gem install bundler not bundle (#10076)
Zhiming Wang hub 2.3.0-pre9 (devel) (#10008)
ilovezfs hub: install man pages for head and devel (#9521)
Andreas Braun hub 2.3.0-pre8 (devel)
Mislav Marohnić hub 2.2.9
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